The latest hits from our home cooking exploits and restaurant visits

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It should come as no surprise that we at Blue Apron are serious food people. We talk food, think food, and generally plan out the next time we’ll get to eat food all day long. Our desks are piled with cookbooks and our walls are covered with print-outs of inspiring recipes from around the web; our version of water cooler talk is excitedly detailing what we made for dinner or the best thing we ordered out at brunch. Our new mission? To dish about the best bites of our week with more than just each other. In this series, a few members of the team each week share their most recent culinary high points — the meals they can’t stop thinking about.

Since moving to Montclair, we’ve been doing a slow crawl of the restaurants there, but our clear favorite thus far has been Villalobos. All the tacos I’ve tried have been delicious, but my can’t-miss, the one I must have every week, is the lengua. The tongue is braised until super tender but still a touch bouncy, diced, crisped and then soused in a sharp vinegar. It’s served inside a tortilla (they make them daily, onsite) with a smooth pistachio-chile de arbol salsa, raw white onion, and cilantro. Super simple, super delicious. You can read a New York Times review from a few years back here. 

John Adler, VP of Physical Product

I recently read America’s Test Kitchen’s The Perfect Pie from cover to cover, and have been flipping through it taking very detailed notes in anticipation for the holidays — I’m very obsessed with their classic tart dough recipe. The final product turns up looking a little more refined than your average pie with perfectly fluted edges! This one has a mascarpone filling and is topped with poached pears, figs, and a sprinkling of dried raspberries for an extra pop of color!

— Kristen Merris-Huffman, Culinary Associate

I made chipotle-roasted cauliflower tacos with bacon-y black beans! I had some stray cauliflower and carrots at home, but have been eyeing this tostada recipe — I decided to make my own version by roasting veggies in chipotle chile paste, making some lime-marinated radishes and lime crema, and chopping up a lot of fresh cilantro. I live right next to a tortilla factory (Los Hermanos in Bushwick) so I picked some hot ones up on my way home from the subway. Those bacon-y black beans were the highlight, getting all smoky and delicious from the bacon fat.

— Annabel Epstein, Culinary Associate

Honeynut squash soup! I bought honeynut squash at Trader Joe’s because they were so cute and I’d never tried them before! I picked this recipe because it is paleo — made with coconut milk and bone broth! The texture was perfect, it tastes good hot or cold, and I’ve been eating it all week. Took pics for my Instagram Story, of course.

Laura Kruser, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Along with Ashleigh Lovelace, our Senior Culinary Manager for Editorial, I made family meal this week, a Blue Apron test kitchen tradition. Every Monday we team up to make lunch for the rest of the squad, and Ashleigh and I went with a Cuban theme, complete with crispy tostones and guava empanadas. The star of the spread was definitely the pressed cubano sandwiches; we used this recipe from Serious Eats (Kenji would never lead us astray) which was melty, crispy, salty, perfect. Multiple significant others got foil-wrapped leftovers for dinner and gave it rave reviews, even cold. 

— Kendra Vaculin, Senior Culinary Associate