Here at Blue Apron, we love to save on waste. Just as we won’t leave you with leftover parsley destined to wilt in your drawer, if you use cloth napkins, we hate to waste tons of paper napkins every time we sit down to dinner.

And so, we’ve amassed quite a collection of lovely cloth napkins in every shade and tons of patterns. To inspire you to dig out your own cloth napkin collection and use it more often, we’re showing off five of our favorite plate-silverware-napkin combinations.

Which do you like best?

1. Orange-Wood-White Plate

2. Cows-Industrial Silverware-Black Plate

3. Batik-Rounded Silverware-Gray Square Plate

4. Green Patterned-Wood-White Square Plate

5. Blue {Apron} Floral-Varnished Silverware-Black Plate

P.S. If you’re already dreading the laundry, here’s a tip: if it’s just you eating, and your dinner isn’t saucy enough to really dirty your napkins, you can use them more than once. Store them in personal napkin rings so you remember which is yours and then whip it out for a second (or third!) use before throwing it into the wash.