So many fruits and vegetables are showstoppingly attractive, even in the dead of winter! Buy a few extra pomegranates, satsumas, or plain old apples, and use them to decorate your holiday tables and entryways. When you’re done, just eat them. 


You probably have apples around anyway. Mix up Golden Delicious with Fuji–an assortment is totally pretty. Pears, too! When you’re done, make Five-Ingredient Apple Turnovers and Pork Tenderloin.


Satsumas are like clementines, but with stems and leaves. Pile a few handfuls on a footed cake plate.


You might love pomegranates for the jewel-like little seeds inside. Don’t discount the outsides! They’re rustic and a deep, dark red. We like them lined up on a skinny platter or set right on the table.


Lots of chefs have dozens of lemons around. Their juice helps balance flavors, and their zest adds zing. Plus, did you know there’s a right way to cut them into wedges? Pile ’em up in a pretty bowl for centerpiece mastery.


Because you probably have some leftover from Thanksgiving, anyway. Gourds are cool, too. You don’t even need plates or platters; just scatter pretty little pumpkins wherever. When you’re cleaning up, crack them open and make soup.