fresh summer strawberries

You don’t need to be an artist to make a beautiful dessert. Try fuss-free dessert-decorating with the classic strawberry. No time to aim for a perfectly frosted and smooth cake? Don’t even worry about it. Instead, beautify your treats with already-gorgeous berries that make the sweetest part of your meal look professional and pretty – with barely any effort.

Read on for ways to decorate with strawberries. Try these strawberry-adorned dessert recipes to get started.

1. Panna Cotta with Strawberry Roses

Top creamy desserts with an elegant strawberry “rose.” Creating these edible flowers is much easier than it looks; here, a dairy-free panna cotta recipe that tastes just as rich as the classic dairy-version gets the great-looking garnish.

2. Strawberry Trifle

trifle decorated with strawberries
Decorate with strawberries for a beautiful trifle

The trifle, or a cassata, is a beautiful way to decorate with berries. The version about is made of variegated layers of halved strawberries, fluffy whipped cream, and airy angel food cake. This dessert looks decadent, but it’s light and refreshing too.

3. Chilled Strawberry Soup

Is it soup or is it dessert? Either way, this lively and smooth light pink soup can double as lunch and an after-meal treat. A floating stemmed strawberry in the center adds a touch of simple embellishment. Just blend together five ingredients and your soup is table ready.

4. Lemon Pound Cake with Mint, Berries and Cream

For a gorgeously “undone” treat, pile on the strawberries and let them fall where they may. And, the combination of flavors works too: buttery-rich lemon pound cake gets even zestier with a dollop of lemon curd, a bunch of fresh mint leaves, and those berries.

5. Yogurt Covered Strawberries

The beauty to this two-ingredient recipe is inside: Slice frozen strawberries dipped in thick vanilla Greek yogurt in half to reveal a striking color contrast.

6. Fresh Strawberry Tart

Classic tarts completely covered in strawberries provide a mouthwatering view for the eyes that just screams summer. Instead of hiding vibrant berries in a crust overlay like pies do, let your juicy fresh fruit shine on top of a bed of rich vanilla pastry cream.

7. Strawberry Nutella Poptarts

Everything is better with Nutella – and we mean everything. Smear chocolate hazelnut spread on buttery pie dough with strawberry jelly and craft a cute pop-out strawberry heart for an adult “pop tart.”

8. Brownie Cupcakes with Strawberry Santa Hats

Keep this recipe bookmarked for when the most wonderful time of year rolls around. Top rich brownie cupcakes with a jaunty strawberry Santa hat trimmed with white chocolate frosting for an easy and festive dessert decoration.

9. Sugar Cookie Crust Fruit Pizza

Pizza: not just for lunch and dinner any more, not now that you know about this beautiful, geometric fruit-bejeweled sugar cookie pizza.