Blue Apron is now on video! Every Thursday, we’re posting a new video on our YouTube channel and over here on the blog.

To start, we’re embarking on a quest to help you cut down prep time in the kitchen by finessing your knife skills and making short work of onions, garlic, and carrots.

Today we’re moving onto a large dice, and we’re showing you how on a big old potato. Why? Because often we want you to savor big bites of potatoes (or other veggies) in our meals. Speedy chopping leads to quick prep time, which helps you get dinner on the table, and quick. Watch below for how to make it happen.

You’ll need to cut zucchini in a large dice for our Tempeh Ratatouille, tomato for our Chicken with Tomato & Fennel, and cucumbers for the salad that goes with our Chicken Tikka Masala. Watch the video again and again, until you’ve mastered the motions of our Chef Matthew Wadiak and can large dice your potato in seconds. Ready, set, go!