not yet frozen wine

One of the fastest ways to chill wine is by wrapping it in a damp towel and sticking it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. It’s the perfect way to cool a bottle of white or rosé quickly, unless you forget to set a timer. If that 30 minutes turns into an entire evening, you’ll end up with a bottle of ice. Here’s what to do with accidentally frozen wine. 

What Happens When Wine Freezes 

Alcohol and water have different freezing temperatures. As the temperature of your bottle drops lower and lower, the water will begin to freeze, but the alcohol will separate and remain liquid. If your bottle of wine is only partially frozen, don’t drink the liquid portion: it will have a stronger alcohol concentration! 

Water expands as it freezes. As ice crystals form, the pressure from the expansion could begin to force the cork out of the bottle, or cause it to crack. This might expose the bottle to oxygen. For this reason, it’s best to use a thawed out bottle of wine within a few days. 

chilled wine

How to Use Frozen Wine 

The good news is that frozen wine isn’t ruined. Once the bottle has thawed, it’s still perfectly good for cooking or drinking. Just thaw it out in the refrigerator and drink it within a few days. 

Frozen Wine Does Not Equal Frosé 

Frosé is a slushie made with rosé, fruits, and sometimes liqueurs. In bars, frosé is made by agitating the ingredients in a slushie machine while chilling. This agitation prevents large ice crystals from forming. Wine frozen in a bottle will form large ice crystals, and won’t be pleasant to drink in a partially frozen form. If you want to make frosé with your frozen wine, start by letting it thaw completely. Then, pour it into a shallow dish, freeze for several hours, and blend with your choice of flavorings following this technique.