adapt grilling recipe for indoors

The char of the grill is the indisputable flavor of summer. Unfortunately, we don’t all have grills. The good news is that Blue Apron grilling recipes are still delicious when you prepare them indoors. With the right tools and a few preparation tweaks, you’ll be able to adapt any grilling recipe to replicate the flavors of the grill in the comfort of your home. 

How to adapt a grilling recipe for meat 

When it comes to making a grilled recipe indoors, the approach will vary depending on what you’re preparing. For protein, you want to make sure the meat is properly cooked, and that you recreate a bit of the caramelized flavor where possible. If you’re craving those iconic char marks, a good grill pan will help.

If you do have a grill pan, you can mostly follow the grilling instructions as written. Just be sure to heat the pan thoroughly before you get started. 

After a grill pan, the best choice for adapting a grill recipe is a cast iron skillet. This heavy pan is beloved for its ability to retain and distribute heat, which makes it a good choice for approximating the high-heat of the grill. 

For a nonstick pan, choose medium-high heat, and use the following cook times as a guideline. For items like burgers or steaks, just cook to your desired doneness. 

Shrimp: 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally

Chicken breast: 6-7 minutes per side

Chicken thigh: 5-7 minutes per side

Pork: 4-6 minutes per side

Beyond burger: 3-5 min per side

How to adapt a grilling recipe for fruits and vegetables 

For grilled fruits and vegetables like onions or peppers, the best alternative is simply to medium dice and sauté until tender in a nonstick pan. 

If your recipe calls for making a foil packet, you can use the oven instead of a grill. Just follow the steps of the recipe, then place the packet in a 450°F oven until the vegetables are tender. 

For corn on the cob, the solution is to boil them. Although this method won’t create the same charred exterior, it actually has a few advantages. Boiling corn is faster than the grill. Your cleaned cobs will only require about 2-3 minutes in a pot. Another perk: boiling gives you an opportunity to flavor the inside of the corn kernels. Salt the water before you add the corn, and the corn will absorb the flavor. 

For more summer grilling inspiration, check out the Blue Apron guide to grilling.