Agrodolce is somewhere between a sauce and a condiment. It comes from Italy, and it gets its name from the Italian words for sour (agro) and sweet (dolce). 

Seared Steaks & Sesame Mashed Potatoes with Charred Shishito Agrodolce & Bok Choy
Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s Seared Steaks
with Charred Shishito Agrodolce & Bok Choy

How to make Agrodolce 

This sticky sauce is made by reducing sour and sweet elements. Traditional Italian preparations are often based on vinegar and sugar, which are boiled down until they form a sticky, caramelized sauce. Sometimes other flavorings are added, like fruit or vegetables. The key to a successful preparation is keeping your eye on the pan. You want to cook the sauce enough so that it will thicken, but not let it go so long that you end up with a pan full of caramel.

To try this at home, borrow some tips from Chef Roy Yamaguchi. He created a twist on the classic using fresh orange juice, honey, and vinegar. This tangy sauce brings all the sweet and sour elements of the classic, with an additional fruity complexity. It’s the perfect pairing for seared steak and vegetables. It transforms this steak and potato dinner from steakhouse standby to memorable favorite. Get the recipe here.

How to use Agrodolce 

Agrodolce is packed with intense flavor. Its hint of sweetness and burst of acidity will enhance the flavors of any dish. It’s a great complement to charred flavors, roasted meats, or noodle dishes. 

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