Ongoing Coronavirus Updates

Our Response to COVID-19


At Blue Apron, the safety of our customers, employees and community is always our highest priority. Like so many of you, we’re closely monitoring COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. 

We take food safety seriously. In addition to being FDA-regulated, we also hold an additional food safety certification from the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Food Safety Code, widely considered to be one of the most rigorous and comprehensive food safety standards in the world.

Our fulfillment center associates will continue following the same rigorous personal sanitation steps Blue Apron already had in place before COVID-19. This includes frequent hand washing and wearing gloves at all times.

While the most recent FDA guidance states that there’s currently no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19, we feel it’s important to reinforce our end-to-end food safety measures. We’ll be diligently monitoring COVID-19 and continuing to follow the guidance provided by the FDA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local health agencies in the communities in which we operate. Follow the most up-to-date guidance of the CDC and your local agencies as the situation develops—you’ll find the most current information here.

We also want to remind our customers to always wash your hands frequently when handling, preparing and serving food to your family.

We believe that home cooking is important now more than ever, and our intent is to continue delivering fresh, delicious meals right to your door.

Common Questions

Why was my delivery cancelled?

Due to high demand, we unfortunately reached capacity for these orders and were unable to fulfill some orders.

This will not be the norm. We’re rapidly working to adapt to demand and serve our customers during this unprecedented time.

Why was my delivery date changed?

We had to change our packing schedules in our facilities to accommodate the sudden increase in demand. To help serve as many people as possible, we shifted some delivery days to avoid cancelling orders.

Why were my recipes changed?

To accommodate the increased demand, we discontinued some of our recipes in order to simplify the fulfillment process in our facilities. This allowed us to pack more boxes than we originally could have, so that we could get more food to more people. If you were scheduled to receive a recipe that was discontinued, we moved a different recipe into its place based on the dietary selections on your account. To update your dietary preferences, go to your dietary selections and add or remove checkmarks as needed. Click ‘Update’ to finalize your selections.

Will Blue Apron continue operating? Will anything change?

Our intent is always to deliver fresh, delicious meals to your door. If there are any changes or disruptions to our service, we’ll notify our customers as soon as possible.

Why can’t I unskip?

Due to Blue Apron’s just-in-time sourcing model, we have a limited quantity of the ingredients for all recipes. If the recipes in a specific week are sold out, it won’t be possible to unskip that week.

Can I still change my recipes?

Absolutely! It won’t be possible to select recipes labeled as ‘sold out’ or ‘discontinued,’ but you can choose any other recipe by following the usual steps.

From our website, scroll to the week you’d like to update on the Upcoming Page and click ‘Change recipes’ on the right side across from the delivery date. Sold out recipes will be indicated with a tag. Click on the plus symbol for the recipes you’d like to add, then click the orange ‘Save’ button in the top right corner. Confirm your choices in the pop up to finalize the change.

From our mobile app, go to the Upcoming tab and swipe to the week you’d like to update. Tap the blue ‘Change recipes’ button near the bottom of the screen. Tap to remove previously selected recipes, then scroll down to add the recipes you’d prefer instead. Once you’ve made your selections, scroll up and tap ‘Save’ in the top right corner. 

Why are some recipes appearing as ‘Sold Out’ or ‘Discontinued?’

To accommodate the increased demand, we discontinued some of our recipes to simplify the fulfillment process. These recipes are marked as ‘Sold out’ on our website. Occasionally an additional recipe will sell out due to demand as well.

Can I donate my Blue Apron box?

Blue Apron has partnered with Feeding America to help customers donate to their COVID-19 Response Fund. You can read more about that here.

I can’t get to my office—how do I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to reroute meal deliveries once they’ve shipped. Local UPS stores may be able to facilitate pickups for your wine deliveries. Please consider creating a UPS MyChoice account to see what options are available in your area.

If you change the delivery date on your account before your next delivery’s ‘Changeable before’ date, we’ll be able to update your address before the package ships. To change your delivery address, follow these instructions:

From our website, go to your Delivery Info and click ‘Edit’ to enter a new delivery address.

From the mobile app, navigate to your account by tapping the chef’s hat icon in the bottom right. Tap ‘Account settings’ then scroll down to either your Meal or Wine Deliveries section. Tap ‘Edit’ to make changes. 

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