Five Ways to Make Chili for Game Day

Chili with Tortilla Chips

You don’t need anything more than a bowl and spoon to enjoy your chili. But, since it’s Super Bowl weekend, why not use your chili to up the ante on a handful of other indulgent snacks? Here are five ways to eat your chili this game day!

SpaghettiOn Spaghetti

Now that’s Cincinnati style. Garnish with minced red onions.

FriesOn French Fries

Bake the fries to save time and oil.

Baked PotatoesOn Baked Potatoes

We’ve already talked about this.

Tortilla Chips

On Tortilla Chips (make them homemade!)

Call them nachos. Then top with guac.

Sloppy Joe BunsSloppy Joe-Style

Chili: now between the bun.

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