Our Tomato Program: Never Eat a Bad Tomato Again


Summer, we have a problem

When’s the last time you had a good tomato? Like a super-sweet, drip-down-your-chin, you-could-just-eat-that-all-day kind of tomato? It’s probably been a while. That’s because the tomatoes you get at the supermarket are for the most part bland, watery mush. Standard tomatoes are most often bred for high yields, not flavor, and most often picked too early and then artificially ripened in a warehouse to extend their shelf-life.

Back in flavor

We’re tired of that, and we think you are too. So this summer we’re excited to be launching our tomato program, designed to put the flavor back in summer’s quintessential fruit. From July through September, you’ll receive great-tasting tomatoes like the ones you’d get fresh at a farmers’ market. We’ve selected the most delicious varieties to send—some with really fun names!—and worked with our farm partners to pick them when they’re ripe and tasty.

The lineup

Look for…

Heirloom Tomatoes


Known for their varied shapes and colors (some varieties are actually purple, striped, or green), heirloom tomatoes were bred for their flavor, often in backyard gardens, and passed down from generation to generation. The specialty varieties we’re sending include: Brandywine, Persimmon, Purple Cherokee, Victoria, Black Krim, and Marvel.

Heritage Globe Tomatoes


Larger than most charm tomatoes but smaller than full-size heirlooms, globe tomatoes are a summer gem with incredible versatility. We’ve selected heritage varieties bred for their taste, including: Mountain Magic, which thrives in the rich soil of Appalachia’s Smoky Mountains, and Early Girl, made famous in California by legendary chef Alice Waters.

Red and Yellow Charm Tomatoes


Enjoy them whole, roast them, build a fresh, simple sauce. Sweet, tart charm tomatoes are some of summer’s most enchanting produce. The specialty red varieties we’ve chosen include: Mini Charm, Olene, and Sweet 100. And the specialty yellow varieties we’ve chosen include: Sungold, Solana, and Sun Sugar.

Our Farm Partners

Our tomato program relies on a select group of farms aligned with our vision of building a better food system. This group includes: Capay Organic in Capay, CA; Cedar Meadow in Holtwood, PA; Durst Organic Growers in Esparto, CA; Flocktown Farm in Pittstown, NJ; Sunnyside Packing in Selma, CA; Coke Farm in San Juan Bautista, CA; Sunny Harvest in Glenn Mill, PA; Toigo Farms in Shippensburg, PA; and Reeves Farm in Baldwinsville, NY.


Jim Durst, of Durst Organic Growers in Esparto, CA, holding red and yellow charm tomatoes grown for Blue Apron.

To enjoy these tasty tomatoes all season long, look for the “Specialty Tomatoes” and “Heirloom Tomato” badges in your delivery schedule.



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