Five-Ingredient Cider Caramels

Making candy at home is nowhere near as tough as it sounds. With just five ingredients and some careful attention to bubbling sugar, you can make these cider caramels, which have a deep, slightly tangy apple flavor and are utterly addictive. Best of all, wrapped up in little squares of wax paper, a handful of these caramels makes an incredible edible gift (or a trick or treat!).

Let’s get started. The five ingredients you’ll need are: apple cider, butter, cream, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Cider Caramels from Blue Apron

First, you cook the cider down into a delicious, wholesome syrup. Because of the natural sugars already in the cider, as the liquid simmers, it becomes much thicker. Still, it retains its apple-y tang, a flavor that’ll eventually lend greatness to the finished caramel candies.
Cider Caramels from Blue Apron

To the cider syrup, add sugar, cream, and butter–the ingredients that make this into a caramel. They’ll dissolve into the cider syrup. Yum.Cider Caramels from Blue Apron

Bring the mixture to a simmer, incorporating everything together. Here’s where you’ll need a special piece of equipment – a candy thermometer. The thermometer allows you to bring the caramel to just the right temperature so it’ll set into candies later.Cider Caramels from Blue Apron

Prepare your pan by lining it with parchment so the caramel doesn’t stick…Cider Caramels from Blue Apron

Add spices to the caramel, then pour it into the prepared pan.

Cider Caramels from Blue Apron

Cider Caramel67

After that, the only skill you’ll need is patience. It takes about 2 hours for the caramel to set. When it does, cut the square into square-ish shapes (it’ll still be kind of soft, but do the best you can. Plop a candy in the middle of a parchment piece, then…Cider Caramels from Blue Apron

Roll up, twisting the ends, just like you’re making a bit of old-fashioned homemade candy. Oh wait, you are.Cider Caramels from Blue Apron

Keep the candies out on the counter for snacking, or pack a few into a pretty box for gifting to friends.

Cider Caramel Final

Get the whole recipe below.

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