Five-Ingredient Mont Blancs

When a dessert is named after a mountain, you can bet that the goodie will be piled high with something delicious. That’s the case with the Mont Blanc, an old-school French dessert. (“Mont Blanc” means “white mountain.”)

Chestnut-Filled Mont Blancs | Blue Apron

Mont Blanc indeed got its name because it looks like a towering mountain with peaks of snow. The mountain, in this case, is chestnut cream, a sweetened puree of chestnuts that has a taste somewhere between Nutella and jam. That might sound weird, but the flavor is truly addictive. The snowcaps on the mountain are whipped cream, and the two are a wonderful pairing.

Chestnut-Filled Mont Blancs | Blue Apron

Chestnut-Filled Mont Blancs | Blue Apron

In our version, we turn egg whites into little nests of meringues. The process isn’t unlike our savory dish, Eggs on Clouds. To get the light-as-air texture, though, these are cooked at a very low temperature for a long time, essentially drying them out until they’re crisp. When you take a bite, they’ll melt into your mouth.Chestnut-Filled Mont Blancs | Blue Apron

In many versions of Mont Blanc, you’ll see that the chestnut purée is piped high onto the meringue. We didn’t want to call for offbeat equipment, so we simple simply dollop and smooth the “mountain” part of the dessert on with a knife.

Chestnut-Filled Mont Blancs | Blue Apron

And, since you need a decent serving of whipped cream to balance the flavors, we were okay with the fact that our snowcaps were pretty much hiding the rest of the mountain!

Chestnut-Filled Mont Blancs | Blue Apron

A few chocolate shavings or some cocoa powder is the perfect garnish.

Chestnut-Filled Mont Blancs | Blue Apron

Read on to get our five-ingredient recipe for Mont Blancs…Chestnut-Filled Mont Blancs | Blue Apron Read more »

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