Summer Sipping: Drinks to Cool You Off

Whether you’re hosting a rooftop party or just need to cool off with on a hot day, a good cocktail recipe is always good to have on hand. Since it’s summer and all, look beyond the typical mint julep or gin and tonic this summer and try something with a bit of seasonal flavor. You can use herbs, fruits or a fragrant liqueur, such as St. Germaine Elderflower. But when it really gets sweltering and nothing but a brain freeze will do, it’s time to whip out the big guns — cocktail snow cones!


Bootleg Cocktail

This Minneapolis cocktail is made with lemon-limeade blended with mint, gin, vodka or bourbon and fizzy club soda. Most bootleg mixes use frozen juice concentrate, but this recipe makes it from scratch (worth it!).


The Brazilian Rose

The games may be over, but you can keep your World Cup spirit alive through the summer with this refreshing cocktail made with cachaça, a sweet spirit made from sugar cane that goes nicely with lemon, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and a hint of aromatic rosewater.


Melon Sangria

A medley of confetti-like melon balls adorns this refreshing sangria. Sweet moscato wine enhances the flavors with the help of honey, lime, grappa, sparkling water and mint.


The Milk Maid

This cocktail combines tequila, lime, coconut cream and cucumber. The result is drink that’s creamy but not heavy and sweet but not cloying, in which the cucumber allows the vegetal, mineral aspects of the tequila to sing.


Cocktail Milkshakes

Like snow cones, milkshakes have a knack for making us feel young and carefree. Grown up flavors include goat cheese, blackberry and gin; mint chip and rum; salted caramel, whiskey and pecans; and lemon, vodka and St. Germain.


Peach Coolers

Peaches and cream anyone? This summery cocktail features the season’s sweetest fruit with coconut milk and rum. It’s practically dessert through a straw.


Grilled Pineapple Margaritas

Grilling your fruit will take your margarita game way up. Once that smoky and sweet combo hits you, there’s no going back. It’s the perfect drink to serve at a cookout.


Cocktail Snow Cones

Something about summer makes us feel like kids again, and snow cones really takes us back. This adult version pairs shaved ice with fresh fruit cocktails with flavors like strawberry pisco, blackberry bramble, gimlet, tequila mango and piña colada.


Strawberry-Basil Sangria

This simple sangria comes together quickly and is often the most popular guest at a party. Strawberries are at their best this time of year and really shine when paired with basil and a light, crisp pinot grigio. Don’t forget to serve spoons with this cocktail, so those wine-soaked berries don’t go to waste — it’s the best part!


Frozen Watermelon Negroni

This fruity twist on a white negroni involves infusing gin with fresh watermelon and then freezing the cocktail for an icy cold cocktail.

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