How to Make a Vegetable Bouquet

This Mother’s Day, why not embrace your wholesome foodie lifestyle and bring mom a bouquet that’ll nourish her spirit and her body?

That’s right, instead of flowers, we’re bundling beautiful vegetables together to make bouquets. Though we love a beautiful floral bouquet, sometimes it’s depressing to throw out the wilted plants a week or so later. With vegetables, once you’ve enjoyed the bouquet, you can also use the product to cook up some tasty, healthful meals.

Making a Veggie Bouquet | Blue Apron

Here’s all you’ll need to get started: baking or butcher’s twine; brown kraft paper (maybe reused from some brown paper shopping bags); and an assortment of long, skinny vegetables in various colors (we used asparagus, lacinato kale, frisée, broccoli rabe, heirloom carrots with their tops on, beets, radishes, and rhubarb). If you’re feeling particularly thorough, you could also print some recipes cards for mom, so she can artfully use up the produce you’re gifting her.

Now, get crafty! Below are some of our favorite veggie bouquets for inspiration.

Veggie Bouquet with Beets and Carrots wrapped in Kraft Paper

Frisée, Beets, Radishes, and Heirloom Carrots

Bouquet with Frisee, Radishes, and Kale Tied with Kitchen Twine

Bouquet with Frisee, Radishes, and Kale Tied with Kitchen Twine

Bouquet of Frisée, Asparagus, & Broccoli RabeBouquet of Frisée, Asparagus, Spianch & Broccoli Rabe

Bouquet of Broccoli Rabe & AsparagusBouquet of Broccoli Rabe & Asparagus Wrapped in Kitchen Twine (and delivered in a butter lettuce leaf, as seen above)

What kind of bouquet will you make for mom?