Breakfast for dinner is happiness, joy, and comfort on dinner plate. But breakfast for dinner goes way beyond pancakes dripping with syrup or fried eggs on toast–though let’s be honest, those are both really satisfying and good. But for the cosmopolitan you, the one who knows it’s probably better to eat something savory than sweet, you’ll find winning breakfast-for-dinner inspiration in cuisines around the world.

1. Eat Beef Pho like you’re at a street vendor’s stall in early morning Hanoi.

The Vietnamese soup is iconic for the complex flavors that come from hours of simmering with beef bones and tons of exotic spices. Our express version uses the key spices (cardamom, coriander, black pepper, cinnamon, and star anise), a rich beef base, and all the essential garnishes.

2. Chow down on Chilaquilesthe Mexican version of French toast.

No, really. Rather than bread turned into eggy sweet bread, day-old corn tortillas become a bowl of crisp strips held together by green or red salsa, with condiments varying greatly by region but sometimes including cheese and chicken, as in this version.

3. Sop up Shakshouka, an Israeli invention of eggs poached in tomatoes.

Throughout North Africa and the Middle East, this dish of eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce is just as popular for breakfast as it is for dinner. We added fingerling potatoes for bulk. It’s hash browns straight in your eggs!

4. Sweeten life with Cinnamon Rolls with Pearl Sugar.

5. Knock back some Salvadoran Breakfast Cakes.

Known as quesadillas, these rich, cheesy cakes are gluten-free, crazily enough. You might want to make a salad to round out your dinner plate. 

6. Make pancakes savory.

Ricotta, beet greens, and amaranth grains turn this pile of flapjacks into a delicious, yet totally different, breakfast-for-dinner option. Hold the syrup, but bring on the beet salad as a side.

7. Be British with Beans & Toast (and maybe an egg)

A British breakfast can center around delicious, hearty beans. Make a batch of our bean sauté, top it with a fried egg, and serve with buttered toast. Now, what’s for pudding?

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