aloha peppers

Aloha peppers have a familiar flavor dressed up in a cute outfit. Also known as striped Holland bell peppers, this varietal was discovered in the Netherlands and has been cultivated to show off its stunning stripes. 

Aloha peppers taste very similar to bell peppers. They have a sweet, mild flavor combined with a striking appearance. These peppers can be eaten raw or cooked. They’re a perfect addition to salads, and work well grilled or seared. They will keep their variegated stripes even after they are cooked. 

Sunset Aloha peppers are grown in North America, and boast a better shelf life when compared to European grown bell peppers. 

Try one of these recipes with Aloha peppers to brighten up your dinner table. 

Garlic Ricotta Pizza with Peppers & Olives

This delicious pizza has all the makings of comfort food: the golden brown crust is topped with a seasoned tomato sauce, melty, creamy mozzarella, and bright aloha peppers. For cooling finish, we’re garnishing the warm pizza with dollops of garlicky ricotta.

Chicken Enchiladas Divorciadas with White Rice & Black Beans

These hearty enchiladas are filled with a combination of fragrant, Mexican-spiced rice and chicken, black beans, and sautéed peppers.

Baked Eggs & Sweet Potato Hash with Brussels Sprouts & Smoked Gouda

For this comforting dish, we’re nestling rich eggs between a hearty mix of sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and aloha pepper—all baked underneath a layer of melty smoked gouda, then finished with a drizzle of hot sauce for a pleasant kick.

Mafalda Pasta & Yellow Tomato Sauce with Spinach, Pepper & Onion

aloha pepper pasta

For bright flavor and gorgeous, sunny color, we’re tossing delightfully ruffled mafalda pasta with a sauce of yellow tomatoes, tender vegetables, and briny capers—complete with a dusting of savory parmesan cheese just before serving.

Salmon & Sushi Rice Bowls with Avocado & Spicy Mayo

aloha peppers salmon bowl

This dish highlights a bevy of toppings for delicious contrast in every bite: flaky salmon dressed with citrusy ponzu, avocado, and soy-marinated peppers and cucumbers all come together with a zesty sauce of mayo and sambal oelek.