how to cut lemon wedges

Let’s talk about lemons. Why? Because we use them in lots of our meals, and you’re probably cutting them wrong. We have a trick for speeding up the process and getting the most juice out of each wedge. Follow these tips to learn how to cut lemon wedges, and then try your hand at prepping onions, garlic, and carrots.

Steps for Cutting Lemon Wedges

cut a lemon wedge
Start by cutting the lemon in half from end to end

For lemon wedges, it’s best to start by cutting the lemon in half end to end, as seen above. After you cut the lemon in two, slice each half into three wedges.

how to deseed a lemon
Cut to remove the center rib and lemon seeds

This is the crucial step. Using a chefs knife, cut the rib away from the center of each lemon wedge. This should remove most of the seeds. If any remain, you can scrape them away with your knife.

Lemon wedges ready for action

Now your lemon wedges are ready for action. Squeeze them as they are to use the juice, or cut them in half for smaller portions. You can use these lemon wedges to add zing to your avocado tartines, za’atar shrimp, and lentils with sausage. Watch the video below for a demonstration of this technique in under one minute.