You’ve got a sweet tooth? Us too. It’s natural for humans to love sugary foods, even though they aren’t always healthy. That’s what motivated Just Date Syrup co-founders Dr. Sylvie Charles and Liselle Pires to create a sweetener that satisfies that craving naturally. 

Just Date Syrup is a thick dark syrup made from 100% dates. Dates are full of natural sugar, so that’s the only ingredient this syrup needs to add sweetness to any dish. Beyond just sugar, dates have a delicious complex flavor, and plentiful health benefits. 

The health factor was important for Dr. Sylvie Charles. Dr. Charles is a licensed medical physician. After several years working in medicine, she grew frustrated by the number of preventable diseases she observed. She drew a connection to lifestyle choices, specifically diets high in added sugar, and some of the health struggles that she witnessed every day. Rather than suggest that her patients sacrifice eating what they love, Dr. Charles sought a solution. Eventually, she was inspired by traditional Indian cooking. Her family had been using dates to sweeten chutneys for generations. 

The idea and the ingredients were in place, but things didn’t completely come together until Dr. Charles met Liselle Pires. Like Dr. Charles, Pires was aware of the health-risks associated with a high sugar diet. Even though she loved food and cooking, Pires had cut processed sugars out of her life years ago in order to live healthfully. After connecting with Dr. Charles and bonding over their shared values, Pires felt inspired to leave her career at Microsoft and join the Just Date team. 

Today, Just Date Syrup provides an alternative to highly-processed sugar. Their syrup can be used to brighten up everything from drinks to dinner. Those eager to try a taste can find Just Date Syrup in Blue Apron boxes, providing a hint of sweetness to dishes like turkey kofta and za’atar spiced chicken with couscous.