…or not.

Traditionally, mole takes all day to make. More than all day, even. Recipes for mole reveal steps upon steps upon steps, toast this and grind that and put it all together in a haunting sauce with infinite variations. In other words, making mole is usually a labor of love.

Mole, translated from the Aztec word molli, meaning mixture or concoction, is a traditional Mexican sauce made from a wide variety of ingredients. For our most recent version, you combine garlic, powdered chilies, cinnamon, smoked paprika, tomato and a hint of dark chocolate to make a deep, decadent sauce with a light heat, smokiness and velvety finish. Our quick method lets the sauce go from a flavor seen mainly at celebrations to one that you could eat any day.

We’ve also served mole with enchiladas and quinoa-stuffed peppers. 

Have you ever made mole?