It’s time to get serious about the fact that many, many delicious dinners can be made by combining tortillas, some kind of well-spiced filling, and a couple of topping, like cheese and crema and guacamole. We give them different names, like fajita and chilaquiles, and enchilada. Let’s go through all the delicious permutations.

1. Fajita.

We like ’em with steak and guacamole, and also with tofu. What sets fajitas apart is that you grill the meat of veggies and then everyone wraps ’em up themselves.

2. Enchilada.

Enchiladas used to just be any corn tortilla dipped in chili sauce and eaten as a snack. Today, though, we wrap tortillas around quinoa or chicken, pile the wraps in a casserole pan, and top with mole sauce or green sauce or red sauce and melt on some cheese, and those are enchiladas. Oh, and the first written recipe for the enchiladas we recognize today was published in 1831, in one of the first Mexican cookbooks.

3. Chilaquiles.

Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican breakfast dish of crisp tortillas covered in sauce. Sometimes, as in our version, the tortillas stay crispy, but sometimes they sit in the sauce long enough to get a little soft.

4. Tostada.

In a tostada, the tortillas get crispy. That way, they provide a delightful crunchy contrast to fillings like black beans and pickled red onions or chorizo

5. Taco.

Here’s all a taco is: tortillas folded around a filling. We use two tortillas to make the taco durable and fill up with chili-spiced fish, zucchini, or tempura squash and spicy mayo

6. Burrito.

Tex-Mex or California-Mex, or fusion at its finest, the burrito is the meal-in-a-wrap to beat all other handheld fare. This one has tequila-lime chicken and black beans. Photo from How Sweet It Is

7. Quesadilla.

Quesadillas are like sandwiches, except a tortilla stands in for the bread and gets crispy around the edges while whatever’s inside gets gooey and warm. Photo from Budget Bytes.

8. Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soup is another killer Tex-Mex favorite, a brothy tomato soup topped with the clear highlight of the dinner: crispy tortilla strips.