You don’t need a block full of expensive knives to prepare dinner; you just need a few trusty favorites.

Serrated knives slice bread with ease

Knives see a lot of action. You use them every time you cook, and ideally they’ll last for years. That means it’s essential that you find a high-quality blade you enjoy using. If it’s also beautiful, that’s worth extra credit. Look for a knife with a stainless steel blade. Stainless steel will stay sharper longer, and generally be easier to maintain. Although there are many domestic options, Japan is known for forging exquisite knives. The blades are typically thinner than western-style knives, and are designed to be shockingly sharp. 

Blue Apron knives are designed by chefs, with home cooks in mind. They are handmade in Japan alongside the experts at Togiharu. The makers of Togiharu use traditional techniques perfected over centuries, resulting in a knife that is sleek and elegant, but easy to use. The stainless steel blade is designed to be a part of your kitchen arsenal for decades.

These are the essential knives every home cook should have in their collection:

The best knife for every day

best chefs knife
Yes, chef!

A chef’s knife is a true workhorse, and no kitchen is complete without it. The 8.2” blade means this knife is versatile for every day use, but formidable enough to break down a chicken. The handle is made from composite wood. This knife will make slicing, chopping, and carving a cinch. After use, hand wash and wipe dry to prevent rusting. 

Now that you have your chef’s knife, brush up on knife skills. Watch one of our chef’s demonstrate the proper way to hold a knife, or learn how to chop an onion really quickly. 

The best knife for detailed tasks

Best petty knife
Small but mighty

Delicate kitchen tasks may require a smaller blade. For hulling berries, supreming citrus, or seeding pepper, turn to this small and mighty petty knife. The 5.8” blade makes this option easy to maneuver. 

Want to try it yourself? Here’s how to supreme an orange at home. 

The best knife for slicing bread

best serrated knife
Watch out for those teeth

Nothing beats a serrated knife when it comes to slicing bread. Use this blade to cut through loaves with ease, and never worry about accidentally shredding them.

How to slice bread
The best thing since slice bread