Cut down prep time in the kitchen by finessing your knife skills. Once you’ve mastered chopping onionsgarlic, and carrots, it’s time to learn how to dice a sweet potato.

Chopping sweet potatoes can be tricky. First of all: sweet potatoes are quite hard when raw, and it can take a little force to get a knife through them. This means you should be extra careful to keep your fingers out of the way.

The second obstacle is that sweet potatoes are rounded. When they’re whole, they have a tendency to roll around on the cutting board. When dicing a sweet potato, the first step is to create a flat surface to work with. To do this, first use a Chef’s knife to remove the pointed ends. You can use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin if you choose, but they’re completely edible. Once the ends are gone, lay the sweet potato on the counter and cut into long planks. Once you’ve created planks, lie them flat on a cutting board. Cut each of these new planks into one inch wide sticks, the shape of a large sweet potato fry. To finish off the dice, align sticks so that you can chop several at once and work the knife through to form a rough dice.

Video: how to medium dice a sweet potato quickly

Not that you know how to dice a sweet potato, try some of our favorite recipes.

Recipes with diced sweet potato

Hot Honey Chicken with Curried Sweet Potato Salad

To accompany our irresistibly spicy-sweet chicken, we’re whipping up a bold side of sweet potatoes tossed with vibrant yellow curry paste and currants.

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili with Avocado & Cotija Cheese

The combo of sweet potatoes, carrots, and black beans add plenty of hearty, creamy texture to this vegetarian chili—which gets its spicy, smoky flavor from fiery chipotle paste.

Hot Honey Brussels Sprout & Sweet Potato Grain Bowls with Pickled Shallot & Walnuts

A vegetarian grain bowls with a base of hearty barley is served with a bevy of toppings: roasted sweet potato and brussels sprouts (finished with hot honey), tender kale, pickled shallot, crunchy walnuts, and a dollop of creamy yogurt to bring it all together.

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