There are no shortcuts when it comes to baking a truly sustainable, great-tasting loaf of bread. Tribeca Oven’s commitment to the perfect loaf starts well before it’s time to preheat the oven. Their journey to make the best possible baguettes, boules, sourdough, and more starts in the Midwest.

Kansas is the largest producer of wheat and flour in the U.S., and high-quality bread starts with high-quality flour. That’s why Tribeca Oven partnered with the Central Plains Wheat program. The Central Plains Wheat program, which is part of the field to market initiative, is dedicated to supporting farmers who use regenerative agricultural practices. These farming techniques, like no-till fields and crop rotation, are designed to keep the soil healthy. Using chemicals or planting fields with the same crop every season can exhaust the soil. Tribeca Oven and the Central Plains Wheat program are committed to keeping the earth and its resources in good health for the next generation, and they partner with farmers who share that goal. 

shaping tribeca oven bread
Shaping bread at the Tribeca Oven bakery

After the flour has been milled, the work is just beginning. Tribeca Oven has used old-world bread making techniques to create flavorful loaves for over 30 years. The process for creating each loaf is unique, but Tribeca Oven’s products never include preservatives, dough conditioners, non-bioengineered ingredients, or artificial colors and flavors. 

baking bread
Maybe one of these loaves showed up in your home

Blue Apron and Tribeca Oven share the goal of bringing high-quality delicious food to our customers. Blue Apron is proud to send Tribeca Oven’s baguettes, rustic club heros and focaccia in our boxes. Check out our upcoming menu to try this unique artisan bread for yourself.