November 2015

How-To: Remove Lettuce “Rust”

Don’t let a little lettuce “rust” get in your way! Here’s how to remove it. Read more »

How-To: Store a Tomato

Here’s a quick tip on how to store your tomatoes! Read more »

How-To: Prep Brussels Sprouts

Prep your brussels sprouts in various ways to add some excitement to any fall recipe! Read more »

How-To: Prep Cauliflower Florets

Here’s a quick and simple way to turn a head of cauliflower into perfect florets! Read more »

How-To: Prep A Cornish Game Hen

A quick and easy way to prep Cornish Game Hen! Read more »

How-To: Brown Butter

A quick and easy way to brown butter! Read more »

How-To: Shock Herbs in Cold Water

Give your herbs new life with this quick and easy trick! Read more »

How-To: Peel & Slice Ginger

Here’s how to peel and slice your ginger quickly and safely! Read more »

How-To: Slice Steak

A quick and easy way to slice your steak! Read more »

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Enter the Blue Apron Cooking for Cooler Weather Instagram Sweepstakes for the chance to be one of ten winners to receive a $100+ prize from our Market! Read more »

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